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Top 10 Causes of Illiteracy in the World

The United States and other countries have a full support on the National Literacy month which falls on September. This was established and declared due to observation of the increasing figures of illiteracy levels among American people. This is not just a sole concern in the United States, but even in other parts of the world. In fact, there are different programs which are created in order to alleviate the effects, and its growing numbers. There are also guides, and other brochures being distributed to individuals to increase awareness and to participate in fighting illiteracy. There are people who are even volunteering their time, resources, and effort in order to educate people without expecting any gain or pay. There are different activities that will be held in places that will attract and invite people to participate especially to those youth who are the primary victims of this inadequacy. There are also significant initiatives and tasks which are worth the time where everyone can be invited to have basic skills, and be acquainted by providing books for them for free. It’s indeed true that education would free someone from ignorance, and would help anyone to improve their lives, and broaden various opportunities for growth and progress. Nonetheless, this will not stop not until we learn the root causes of illiteracy in the world. Only then, we could save an individual or more by identifying the top 10 causes of illiteracy in the world.

10. Population Growth
10. Population Growth e1348046749290 Top 10 Causes of Illiteracy in the World
Population growth is one of the derivative factors that affect not just the quality education, but also the budget allocation for each family. In fact, in most families who have more than the standard number of members of the family would be forced to stop, and let other family members to continue studying with the promise that they can continue after their brethren or sisters have finished their schooling. Hence, they have no options left, but to assist the family in all expenses by working early. In some families, it works better this way, wherein there is a little success, but because of the uncontrolled population rate, this pattern continues. There are various policies in each country with regards to their contingency plan in extending free education, but because of the growing population, the budget for this cannot cover the whole and extensive need for education. This is especially true in third world countries especially those countries that are part of the poorest of the poor.
9. Mindset about Education
9. Mindset about Education e1348046738276 Top 10 Causes of Illiteracy in the World
This is more on individual choices. Some people choose to forego education because of belief, and principles that have been inculcated to them either by parents, religion, and those around them. There are people who do not seem to feel the value of education in their lives because of contentment. We cannot force people to accept the importance of early education, and completing a course, since it lies on what the person believes, and stands for. There is a ratio of people who feel that they can live a normal life if they would just work harder, but to some, it is less significant for them to study if they are not properly fed. Others still practice the notion that women still have to stay at home, and only men could take advantage of what education can give and offers. Despite of the contemporary changes that the world undertakes, there are still people who are still living in traditional scope, and cannot shun away that principle that planted to their minds.
8. Geographical Factors
8. Geographical Factors e1348046726210 Top 10 Causes of Illiteracy in the World
This is another considerable factor because there are people who would want to pursue education, but their location or places where they live limit them to have a free access into it. Yes, it is true that there are volunteered teachers who are being assigned in those remote areas like mountains, and other places which are hard to reach wherein transportation and limited especially infrastructure development, and building of new schools are not possible. In fact, some would have to go downtown and travel for hours so they could get to see the city and the world. As much as the world revolves, and accept changes, there are places on earth which are secluded in different countries that have not yet seen the real breakthrough of technology because of the lack of tools in reaching them. In fact, some have died already without even knowing how to use mobile phones, and even seeing a real computer. This is one of the reality bites, but collective efforts must be made not just by leaders of the country, but they should be one in finding ways to reach these people.
7. Cultural Influences
7. Cultural Influences e1348046716250 Top 10 Causes of Illiteracy in the World
The kind of culture and definition being set here is the kind of study habits which are established at home. Indeed home is the best place to develop liking, yearning, and hungering to learn new things. Little kids learn everything like talking, and even basic manners at home. There are things that cannot be taught in school, but being adapted because most of the things that they observe and mimic are because of the behavior and good traditions that must be established at home. Things that need correction could be authoritatively done by parents, and adults who are in supervision. However, if kids will not see any interest at home from their parents, they will not likely develop the desire to study, and be serious if time comes that they have to be sent to school. This is the kind of culture that must be developed in the four corners of our home. Parents have the primary role in inculcating the value of education to them, by showing it through examples like reading books which can be shared to their kids, and buying educational stuff if possible. It’s drawing the line to the family traditions that would become a permanent culture that would encourage learning.
6. Lack of Funds
6. Lack of Funds e1348046705621 Top 10 Causes of Illiteracy in the World
On this part, it does not refer to financial abilities of individual or family to send their family members to school when the right time comes. It refers solely to the funds that the government has to the area of jurisdiction. There are countries that cannot really sufficiently divide specific budget at all in one area of concern since there are other factors to be considered as well like health, infrastructure projects, social welfare, and others. The proper and honest utilization of it is another factor to be considered which is more of an internal affairs that cannot be qualified in a prejudice way. In fact, there are still undeveloped countries that have huge debt from the World Bank, and cannot really sustain the basic need for education especially in building new facilities, and school buildings.
5. Individual Disability
5. Individual Disability e1348046689181 Top 10 Causes of Illiteracy in the World
Again, this is another leading cause of illiteracy in the world because there are individually challenged student where needs must be met based on the classified learning abilities that must be set by special schools. It does not mean that if a person is enrolled in a special school that they are less important, but it is genetically detected wherein a different kind of curriculum and attention must be laid out. This can be detected early on by parents as they begin to expose their kids in simple activities which could prepare them to the real school environment. Otherwise, if finances are sufficient, you could avail for some tests for your kid so that a professional could evaluate understanding, cognizance, and other factors in determining learning disability. Hence, there are schools that specially cater to this type of concerns, but again, financial resources must be considered as well. Another type of learning disability is not really associated in genetic functions, but because of the slow learning because of some distractions to cope with it. They need time for them to go on the same pacing that other students of their age go. At times, this type of student would decide to would just study because of pressure, and an inferior feeling that already developed in them that they are not as smart as their classmates or friends. This is where the support of the parents and kids must be made without making them feel that they are nothing or worthless.

4. Rate of Emigration
4. Rate of Emigration e1348046679937 Top 10 Causes of Illiteracy in the World
Because of growing employment opportunities and career growth offshore, there are high ratio of families who have migrated to other developed countries like United States and Canada. Hence, it affects greatly children to make adjustments not just to the culture, customs, and traditions, especially the language. It is true there are still higher percentages of successful people who have finished a course, and find the best suited job for them, but beyond this rate, there are people who are suffering the mockery and adjustment that the countries have set to their minds. Because of the multiculturalism wherein they become expose to experience racial discrimination, mockery, and inequality of all sorts.
3. Preference to Work over Education
3. Preference to Work over Education e1348046671749 Top 10 Causes of Illiteracy in the World
It happens in any country especially if one has experience the feeling of earning something for him or her out of her or his hardwork would just forego or forget the need of completing an education. There are various reasons why some would work at an early age, but majority of them is because of lack of financial resources. Hence, some would just work temporarily to save some money, but when one becomes use to the scope of the job, the desire to continue studying leaves their hearts. Others would rather choose working than to face piles of books. Hence, it’s a common knowledge that work does not guarantee stable financial income, this is the reason that one needs to avail and complete a course in order to progress not just on the kind of job that he or she would choose in the future.
2. Poor Implementation of Educational Programmes
2. Poor Implementation of Educational Programmes e1348046660265 Top 10 Causes of Illiteracy in the World
This is the common problem of some school institutions and government agencies that actually assigned to oversee and supervise the major educational programmes in their countries. It is a typical scenario and complains that there is a high ratio of unsupervised programmes in most of the schools. Again, it is financially related to funds allocation, and of course to people who would be dedicated and committed to religiously observe that every policy will be followed. Moreover, there are also existing problems that have been the cause of educational disintegration, but have not been discussed, wherein possible solutions are still in the shadow of a hopeless case. If all situations will be listed down, and everyone would just sit down into it and make a unified and balanced effort regardless of personal circumstances, there are no problems that cannot be broken down, if it’s for the benefit of young generation and the generations to come. If additional teachers are needed, find ways to solve it, if funds are not sufficient, find resources, and other resolve that can be discussed by leaders, and people who are concern about the growing number of illiteracy in the world.
1. Economic Condition

1. Economic Condition e1348046650530 Top 10 Causes of Illiteracy in the World
Economic condition or in layman’s term poverty is the major root cause of illiteracy in the world. How can someone study if he or she needs to fill her stomach first, and he or she can does it, if he or she stops going to school, and start working. This is the irony situation of most of the people who are in the very edge of poverty line, but has no choice, but to continue living, by working in order to live in a day or two. It’s the same reason why the pattern is being passed on because when is not properly educated, they are the ones who are vulnerable to commit crimes, contribute to early pregnancy, and of course, boom up the population rate by marrying early. These are all correlated, but the root cause of it is lack of education or illiteracy. As it has been stated and elucidated in one of the adages, if you want to save the world, you have to educate the minds first.

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