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Top Ten Scary Tracks to Add to Your Playlist

Sure costumes, creepy crawly themed foods and haunting decorations are a must for any Halloween party, but your party isn’t complete without the proper music. Spine-tingling tunes are perfect for your party playlist.
The music sets the mood for the party, transporting your guests to haunted forests filled with crows, owls and screeching bats. Eerie church bells and the whispers of ghosts add sound effects that will scare you to the core. The following list includes the perfect scary tunes to add to your Halloween playlist.

Fun for the Kids

If kids of all ages will be attending, be sure to include some songs they’ll enjoy and have fun dancing to. There are great kid costumes for Halloween too, so don’t forget to dress them up for the party!
1. “Monster Mash” by Bobby Pickett is the perfect Halloween classic. It’s lighthearted, yet, creepy enough to play every year and is so much fun to dance to!
2. “This Is Halloween” by Danny Elfman is featured in the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and is even included in the video game dance hit “Just Dance 3.” The upbeat dark sounds of the song will make dancing fun for every one. Did you know that if you visit Disneyland from mid-September to Oct. 31, The Haunted Mansion is transformed by Jack Skeleton and the characters from Halloween Town from “The Nightmare Before Christmas?”

Horror Movie Tunes

Sometimes the best Hallows Eve music comes from horror movies: They have hints of suspense, murder and freight.
3. “The Shape Stalks Again” from the movie “Halloween II” is so eerie you will think Michael Myers himself will lunge out at you from the shadows.
4. The theme song from “A Nightmare on Elm Street” will have your guests quivering in their costumes. There’s something about ’80s horror slasher films that really does the job.
5. There’s nothing scarier than a twisted, evil clown. The theme song from Stephen King’s movie “IT” will cause night terrors and a phobia of all things clowns—making it perfect for a Halloween playlist.

Funny Songs

Maybe you don’t want eerie music and just want a fun Halloween themed mix. Look no further than the next songs:
6. “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell is the best paranoid song of the century. With the chorus sung by Michael Jackson himself- it’s no wonder this guy had his one-hit wonder.
7. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson is a must for any playlist!! Once this song flows out the speakers guests will be simultaneously doing the thriller dance.
8. “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr. is a fun yet eerie classic Halloween song made famous by the movie “Ghostbusters.” This toe-tapping good song is fun for the kiddos as well, and will have all your guests asking “Who ya gonna call?” It was even featured No. 2 on Billboards Top 10 Halloween Songs.
9. “Love potion #9″ by The Clovers isn’t first thought to be a song for Halloween, but the basis of the song is what every witch does—mixing potions. This song will be a nice addition to any playlist.
10. “The Time Warp” from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is a legend of it’s own. This classic song from the 1975 film has it’s own dance, which guests will be sure to participate in. This song will bring fun, excitement and a little haunt to your party, so play on!
If you’re looking for some haunting, evil music and sound effects for trick-or-treaters or a haunted house, check out the Audio Sparx website. They compiled a list of the most scary horror thriller music that will make grown men cry.

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