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Top 10 Most Beautiful Underwater Animals

When God created the world, He made sure that everything will be magnificent.  He also placed beautiful creations in the world for the benefit of mankind. Delightful are those who come across with His design. We must all be grateful for God gave us all the chance to see and appreciate all that He made. All of them are intended for our amusement and use. Animals are some of his creations worthy of protection, care, and love from all of us. Underwater animals prove the exquisiteness of His works. There are various underwater animals that should be in this list. On this list people’s you could find the 10 most beautiful underwater animals that the experts would like to show before the world. This list comprises the best of the best of underwater animals.

10. Emperor Angelfish
10. Emperor Angelfish e1339751958913 Top 10 Most Beautiful Underwater Animals
The Emperor Angelfish is one of the most popular beauties of the deep. When these fish are young, their bodies are blue and dotted with white circles. When are grown already some changes in their appearance take place. Their bodies become yellow with blue stripes. Separately, the young and adult emperor angelfish are already wonderful. However, they make a more picturesque view when they are together. This fish is found mostly in the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, and in the Pacific swimming along the coral reefs. They grow up to more than 40cm in length.

9. Mandarin fish
9. Mandarin fish e1339751944203 Top 10 Most Beautiful Underwater Animals
This stunningly gorgeous fish is also known as the Mandarin Dragonet, or the Mandarin Goby. It is considered as one of the most multi-coloured fishes in the world. They are also very small with their biggest size of 6 centimetres. Aquarium fanatics make them a top choice as a part of their very own aquarium collection. But this fish should not to be kept in aquariums because they live better in their own habitat, where they get to eat their own set of food. They love invertebrates and small crustatians.

8. Lion fish
8. Lion fish e1339751931129 Top 10 Most Beautiful Underwater Animals
The Lionfish is known in various names: Fire Fish, Dragon Fish, Scorpion Fish, and more. Although they do not possess much of the colours like the other tropical fish, they are beautiful because of their body stripes of white, red and brown. Their spines which are really long with almost 20cm, make them more magnificent. But please do not think that they are harmless. In fact they are very dangerous. When someone is pricked by their long spines, they will suffer terrible pain but not lethal. Lion fish love warm water. They are native to the Indo-Pacific, but today they can also be seen in the East Atlantic and Caribbean Sea.

7. Nudibranch
7. Nudibranch e1339751915419 Top 10 Most Beautiful Underwater Animals
Nudibranch is not really fish. It is a marine animal with tentacles located at the top of its head. Thses tentacles are used for touch, smell and taste. They grow but are still very small. Their size can be 2 to 10 cm only. Though they are small, they offer the most stunning display of beautiful colours underwater. They have more than 3,000 various species. They are located all over the world. It even doesn’t matter if it’s tropical or cold waters.

6. Yellow Tang
6. Yellow Tang e1339751893223 Top 10 Most Beautiful Underwater Animals
Yellow Tang fish certainly makes its name true. It is undoubtedly beautiful even with just a single colour of yellow from head to tail. This  fish prefer shallow water area. They make a popular choice to fill aquariums.

5. Clownfish
5. Clown Fish e1339751876453 Top 10 Most Beautiful Underwater Animals
The Clown Fish is also identified as Anemone fish. It is because these fish live inside or spend most of their lives inside anemones and are not being affected by the poison anemones have.  These fish consist of bright colours of yellow, orange, and black. They are very attractive. They are even more famous now because of the movie “Finding  Nemo”. All the clownfish now are named “Nemo”. They are commonly found in tropical waters of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific.

4. Jellyfish
4. Jellyfish e1339751863444 Top 10 Most Beautiful Underwater Animals
Jellyfish are not fish. They are underwater creatures that can either be the most boring of the most astonishing views that is found underwater depending entirely on what specie you see. Jellyfish are mostly spotted in groups of 100,000. These groups are called “swarms” or “blooms”. The Box Jellyfish is one of its specie that is very dangerous. In fact, it is the deadliest animal there is.

3. Clown Triggerfish
3. Clown Triggerfish e1339751848793 Top 10 Most Beautiful Underwater Animals
The Clown Triggerfish is one of the most amazing fish there is. Its mouth is bright yellow while its body is full of spots. They are also very rare nowadays. They also have very sharp teeth, and very powerful jaw.

2. Squareback Anthias
2. Squareback Anthias e1339751833214 Top 10 Most Beautiful Underwater Animals
The Squareback Anthias is also recognized as a Pink Square Anthias. Although they are small in size, they can bring the biggest amazement to those who see them underwater. They are mostly colourful with blues, purples, pinks, and reds.

1. Corals
1. Corals e1339751817796 Top 10 Most Beautiful Underwater Animals
Corals are not fish but are marine animals. They live in groups of colonies made of thousands of “polyps”. They live in tropical oceans of course. Corals are of different genotypes that make the underwater scene paradisiacal in beauty.

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