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Top 10 Biggest Turn-Offs for Men on a First Date

Having a first date is an exciting time that any woman and man can experience especially to all women. It’s the time that they can feel the excitement, thrill, and at times fear since everyone has their expectations. No one really knows if first meeting will be successful or not, and if that will happen, follow-up will take place, and who knows just like any story that one can read from children’s fairy tale book that it you might live with that significant someone in a forever after tale. Wake-up! Before you day-dream, especially to women, you have to clear all men’s expectations in order to avoid date disaster. It does not mean that you would have a perfect course on that day, but at least you know that you have done your part in meeting, and making an enough effort to be presentable on that moment. To all women, To all women, here are your top 10 biggest turn-offs for men on a first date that you should know.. It will help all lovely, single, and even ready to mingle ladies that these are the thoughts that men have that they all shared based on their experience. If things will not work out after you’ve followed these warnings that you have to shun-off from your first date, and even on your succeeding dates, definitely, you’ll have to find another guy for you. Anyhow, it’s just a date; it does not stop you to look for someone where you can be connected.

10. Over Make-up
10. Over Make up e1350056380811 Top 10 Biggest Turn Offs for Men on a First Date
Majority of men loves to date a woman who wears less make-up, and some prefer the natural look. Nonetheless, since it’s a first date, women need to showcase their feminine side, but overdoing it will not impress their date, but it will create disaster instead. If your date will happen at night, it’s advise to wear a darker shade of colors, but still depends on your skin tone. Hence, if you would have a date at night, a much simple make-up will do, and it’s a standard tip to all women if they are attending specific occasion or event. They still love a feminine yet simple look.
9. Acting too Dainty
9. Acting too Dainty e1350056370164 Top 10 Biggest Turn Offs for Men on a First Date
This tip is for women who happens to have their first dates, and they act in a seemingly strange way that it seems that you are the most demure woman that they ever in their life. Don’t be too girly that he needs to treat you as a special woman that day although it’s good for women to feel that they are different, and they need to be treated in a distinctive manner. Just act normal, and show him who you are, but not in a sense that you will become too much comfortable being with him. This is another edge that you have to watch that it might look like that you are sending a message that you want something more, or you are expecting that he likes you right away.
8. Poor Hygiene
8. Poor Hygiene e1350056357119 Top 10 Biggest Turn Offs for Men on a First Date
This is not just a big NO for men, but for women as well. Make sure that you check your look, and smell your breath before leaving. To keep breath fresh the whole time that you are with him, you could bring any mint to freshen your breath up. Moreover, check your nails if they are properly trim especially if you are going to wear an open-toe shoes which also goes with your hand nails. Just any regular hygiene that you have to maintain proactively during regular days should be applied as well before you go on a date. Take a bath, apply perfume if needed, and of course apply deodorant. Some of the most complaints of men after their dates with women are body odor, and bad breath.
7. Aggressiveness
7. Aggressiveness e1350056346868 Top 10 Biggest Turn Offs for Men on a First Date

If there are women who are too demure and dainty on their first dates, there are others who are too aggressive thinking that the only way that they can get the man that they date is to have intimate moments right away. The wrong notion that men are only after the sexual pleasure that they can have with their dates are just what the society has influences to the minds of the women. In fact, women will never have another date or would they expect a serious relationship if they see that they cannot respect you, and you are easy to get. Everything should be taken one step at a time. A simple kiss after your date will do, but don’t give an impression that you want it. Despite that we are living in a modern world where one could say that women can do anything what men can do, but it does not include losing your virtue, and modesty. Remember that it’s your first date, it does not mean that you are going to marry that man when you date him, and he would be your boyfriend although that’s one of the aims. Hence, dating only allows you to get to know others where you could make proper choices and selections.
6. Sharing Portfolio

6. Sharing Portfolio e1350056335152 Top 10 Biggest Turn Offs for Men on a First Date
It’s nice that you get to know pieces of information from each other, but most of the women based on men’s observation that they tend to over impress them by sharing the kind of profile that they have. Men don’t need your resume, what they want is to know you in a different way. You don’t need to tell them that you have finished this specific course, and you are working in this company, and so forth. If he really needs that, he would rather ask your curriculum vitae. It’s not really appropriate to discuss that because you are on a date not unless the guy asks you about that then you can share quick and short information. Just focus on getting to know each other by discovering each other likes, interests, and other stuff.
5. No Fair Share
5. No Fair Share e1350056324753 Top 10 Biggest Turn Offs for Men on a First Date
It is true that when you are on a date that the traditional belief that men should shoulder all the expenses on your first date. It’s now that you think, but they also expect some courtesy that you would also offer some share even a quite percentage. Remember that it’s just a date, and you are not going to marry him yet. Be extra cautious especially if the bill that he has to pay is a bit expensive and you are enjoying every bit of it. Of course, you would not expect that any man will ask you that you have to pay your share since it’s very unethical and rude to hear that. Hence, at the back of their minds they want you to give a portion on the total cost.
4. Big-Mouthed
4. Big Mouthed e1350056314270 Top 10 Biggest Turn Offs for Men on a First Date
Women are expected to talk much, and to be dominant when it comes to everything. Nonetheless, ladies don’t bring that kind of behavior when you are on a date. Your date does not need chatter, he goes and approves on a date because he wants to mingle and get to know other women. Hence, if you would babble stuff like about your past relationships, and insignificant topics that have nothing to do with the reason why you go on a date. It should be a two-way communication where both of you can share and discuss things without him listening at you all the time. Be sensitive if you are taking the whole time talking, and he does not talk anymore, and would just listen on what you have to share and say more. Be sensitive in non-verbal gestures if he gets irritated and bored with you.
3. Don’t be too nice
3. Don’t be too nice e1350056304672 Top 10 Biggest Turn Offs for Men on a First Date
A guy would know if a girl is trying to show her too good to be true side. No one was born saint. It does not mean that you have to show the negatives that you have which everyone has. Nonetheless, don’t limit yourself saying that you like the food being served on your table, although it’s exactly opposite. Being true to yourself and to your date is better than being too nice and saying repeatedly this answer “I’m okay.” If you feel that you are not comfortable in the place where you date has brought you, just tell the guy straightly that you want some other place. Don’t forget to say it nicely without offending the guy. Choose appropriate words where you could send the message to your date that you want to know him more, but there are things that you don’t like about the food, and the place. In short, be honest.
2. Don’t Make an Interview Questions
2. Don’t Make an Interview Questions e1350056295579 Top 10 Biggest Turn Offs for Men on a First Date
Ladies don’t get an impression that you have to know everything in one sitting. You could not get to know the girl in one day when you go out with him. Take one step at a time even if you have this feeling that you already like him. Stop asking too much questions that might make him feel uncomfortable that you are intruding his private life, the fact that it’s your first meeting. Moreover, don’t sound like that you are interviewing him especially  if the pattern is like an interview questions that you tend to asks more and he answers more. Expect then that there will be no follow-up dates after this date.
1. One-Word Responses 
1. One Word Responses e1350056286710 Top 10 Biggest Turn Offs for Men on a First Date
If you would rarely talk, and be silent the whole time that you were on a date, you might send a different message to your date that you are not interested in knowing him more, you don’t have any confidence on yourself, and you are bored. Stop saying these lines “Yeah, I’m okay”, Really?!, “nice” and a lot of short-line responses that he might even count how many words you have uttered the whole time that you were with him. Guy may not like the woman who talks that much; it does not mean that you will not talk either. In fact, this is the major turn-off for them that they have shared about the things that they hated the most with the women that they have dated. It’s okay if you are nervous, but take a deep breath because he feels the same thing. Just relax.

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