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Top 10 Interesting Facts about Mitt Romney

The much awaited face-off of Governor Mitt Romney, and the current President of the United States, Barrack Obama was truly informative, and incandescent because of the statement of facts on certain issues which the citizens of America feel are pressing, and needs immediate attention whosoever will be elected as the new President of the country. After the debate, the poll was released showing that the upcoming President won over Pres. Obama by 67% against the chief of state who just got 25% votes. It was the first time that they had an intellectual argument discussing their plans, and stands which are known to be resolution to address the problems that citizens in America have been experiencing, and whining against the governance of the current administration. Indeed, Governor Romney won the hearts of the people who have watched and heard him on TV that made a strong presumption that he might be the next boss of the United States. Hence, there are also negative inclinations and standing about him from others who still believe and uphold the legitimacy and authority that Pres. Obama has in helping America in this impoverished situation. Nonetheless, there are top 10 interesting facts about Mitt Romney that one should know, and it’s not just about his expertise in business sphere, but his remarkable background to make a huge difference in America, and to other countries that look up and rely to them.
10. He is the 9th LDS President who runs in Presidency
 10. He is the 9th LDS President who runs in Presidency e1349421943389 Top 10 Interesting Facts about Mitt Romney
To those who are not aware since Mitt Romney declines and refuses to discuss his affiliation to LDS church since he believes that his running is not really influenced by his membership on his faith. Nonetheless, for quick information he is not just the first LDS member who did run for Presidency, even the pioneer leader of Mormonism, their late Prophet Joseph Smith also run for Presidency who served as a Mayor of Nauvoo, Illinois. Job Huntsman and Morris K. Udall had also sought the Presidency position, and some others. Some of them had served political position, but never won to lead the country.

9. The Political Root of Mitt Romney
 9. The Political Root of Mitt Romney e1349421933847 Top 10 Interesting Facts about Mitt Romney
His desire to serve in a political way did not root up to him in an instant, it’s all because of the influence that his father, George W. Romney shown to him. His father was born and raised in Mexico although his grandparents were American citizens. His father served as a three-year-term Governor in Michigan who was also the U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development as one of the cabinet members of President Richard Nixon. His father was also a front-runner for GOP Presidential nomination in 1968. The only difference that Mitt Romney has to his father is he was able to earn a degree and flourished greatly in his education compared to his father who never had the privilege to finish a course.
8.  His Love Story with His Wife
 8. His Love Story with His Wife e1349421925883 Top 10 Interesting Facts about Mitt Romney
Their love blossomed, and it was not a whirlwind courtship either. It all began when Mitt and Anne were in elementary school. Their first encounter happened while Anne was riding a horse and during that time Mitt was a member of a Cub Scout, when he threw stones at Anne.   She was actually raised in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. He was in his 4th grade then while his wife was in 2ndgrade. He said in one of the interviews, he did not feel any interesting feeling towards her wife then, but when his wife turned to 16, it did catch his attention. In fact, the funny part was they became sweethearts when he was 18 and Anne was 16. He even proposed a marriage because he cannot let go of the feeling of living away from him. Nonetheless, he served first a fulltime mission, and he came back, he made a proposal again when he was 22 years old and Anne was 19, and the first marriage ceremony was held first at Anne’s home, and the next morning, they flew to Salt Lake City to be sealed for time and eternity on March 21, 1969. They have 5 kids, and all of them have served an LDS full-time mission.
7. His Dedication to His Church Responsibilities
 7. His Dedication to His Church Responsibilities e1349421916956 Top 10 Interesting Facts about Mitt Romney
His commitment in fulfilling church responsibilities was tested when he left his home and family to serve a full-time missionary service in 1967 in France. He was called in various positions like Zone Leader, and later on as a Personal Assistant of the Mission President then, Duane Anderson. In fact, he could never forget an experience while serving as a missionary that killed the wife of his Mission President in a car accident, and placed him in coma as well. Nonetheless, as attested by one of his companion in Paris, he moved forward, and continued fulfilling his duties despite of that tragedy. Hence, he has exemplified leadership skills when he became the bishop of the ward at Belmont, Massachusetts, a counselor in the Stake Presidency in Boston, and President of the Boston Stake, and other positions which he has magnified greatly.
6. First Political Attempt
 6. First Political Attempt e1349421906464 Top 10 Interesting Facts about Mitt Romney
Before he made a decision to run for a public office for a Senatorial race against Ted Kenny of Massachusetts, he had qualms at first if he would really follow the footsteps of his father, but when his father lost in the Presidential election, he took it so seriously. Nonetheless, his first attempt was not successful because he lost the position when he only had 41% of votes against Ted Kenny who garnered 58% votes. Nonetheless, it did not waive his belief that he would also serve the citizens in America especially his local town.
5. The Soon to be Wealthiest President of America in the History
 5. The Soon to be Wealthiest President of America in the History e1349421893500 Top 10 Interesting Facts about Mitt Romney
Based on the report issued by Forbes.com and the analysis that it gave, Mitt Romney has 184 listed assets and has an estimation of $230 million although there are no specific details to narrow down the sources of his assets where his political critics are battling and throwing against him. In fact, in other reports, the approximation is about $190 million to $250 million. If you would compare him to President Obama, he could be poor for Obama’s assets could only reach $8 million. In fact, if he would win for the Presidency position, he would be the wealthiest president ever hold the President’s position in American’s history. His investments and successful management of his business are the major assessment and basis of his wealth.
4. The Biological Roots of Mitt
 4. The Biological Roots of Mitt e1349421882438 Top 10 Interesting Facts about Mitt Romney
His ancestral roots could be traced back to one of the early pioneers of the LDS church since he is the great-great- great-grandson of Parley P. Pratt. He is also the cousin of Marion G. Romney who served as an Apostle of LDS faith. Moreover, his roots are also associated with the former Mayor of London during the 17th century. Nonetheless, his family’s conversion to Mormon Church happened when his great-great-grandparents, Miles and Elizabeth Romney listened to preaching in the market. Moreover, his roots are also associated with the Smith’s family, Huntsman, Matheson, and Eyring, but his whole family originated in Mexico.
3. The History of His Name
 3. The History of His Name e1349421873817 Top 10 Interesting Facts about Mitt Romney
His whole name is Willard Mitt Romney, wherein Mitt is actually his middle name. His name Willard was derived from his father’s friend, who happened to be a hotel magnate and owner of Marriot Hotel. His name is J. Willard Marriot. On the other hand the middle name mitt came from his father’s cousin Milton Romney. Nonetheless, he is popularly called as Mitt instead of Willard.
2.  He worked as a Security Guard
 2. He worked as a Security Guard e1349421863245 Top 10 Interesting Facts about Mitt Romney

Who would have thought that this wealthy to-become president of the United States did experience working as a security guard before he rose and accumulate wealth at his age. Yes, he was a security guard at a plant of Chrysler. Yes, it was one of the experiences that he would never forget when he was still in high school, and he spent a worthwhile summer building his character as a sentinel of the factory.
1. He is a Silent Samaritan
 1. He is a Silent Samaritan e1349421853912 Top 10 Interesting Facts about Mitt Romney
He is not the type of person or any politicians who would get the media’s attention in order to show his charitable acts. It is not his style, and it will never be. In fact, most of the people whom he became acquainted with have attested how kindhearted he is despite of his wealthy position. It does not matter if individuals are his co-members in LDS faith or not, but he has exemplified great compassion and charity to those people who needed help. In fact, even when he was still serving a mission in France, he did help two ladies who were harassed by rugby boys that almost put his life in jeopardy. He never mentioned the names of the people whom he has extended his succor, and in fact, he does not want to talk those significant moments where he was touched personally, and felt the gratitude of making a difference in the lives of others.

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