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Top 10 Highlights of the Final Debate 2012

Everyone’s eyes were glued on the final clashed of words, proposals, and answers that would serve as tickets for millions of voters and spectators who have watched today’s final debate 2012. Mitt Romney has elucidated his points since the first debate and so with the current President of the United States Barrack Obama who is trying to retain the presidency, and there were divisions thereafter. Poll results have shown who have sided to the two Presidential candidates from the first down to the last faced-off that they have had today. For the last stroke, let’s check the top 10 highlights of the final debate 2012 before the people make a final decision as to who would they put in power not just to lead the greatest and powerful country, the America. Would the three debates enough for the voters to evaluate the kind of empowerment and change that they are proposing and presenting not just to the United States, but throughout the world? Of course both sides have expressed their intention and plans to all citizens of America. Both laid out their targets, and specific platforms where they could addressed the growing needs and concerns of the people as to employment, tax, and everything which are current and at hand. If you have not yet watched the final deliberation earlier, you could read these highlights, and make a final resolve.
10. We Can Be a Partner with China – Romney
One of the points that Governor Romney explained that he still recognizes the power that China can bring to the United States especially when it comes in lifting the nation’s condition in the midst of financial woes. Nonetheless as he stated in the first debate that borrowing money from China would not help at all. It is true that he acknowledges the economic stability of China wherein he compared it with Latin’s America’s eminence when it comes to financial progress. He pointed out common grounds where United States and China can meet together instead of being an adversary when national security became the next discussion of the last debate.
9. This Has Been the Biggest Whopper that’s been Told – Obama  
When Mr. Schiffer brought up the next issue about the rumored talks that Iran and United States with regards to nuclear Program of Iran, both had shared their piece, but President Obama boldly declared that what Governor Romney has stated against him were not true. Hence, he even said that there was nothing that the Governor has explained was true, and he even said they were all fabricated stories and lies made by him. He even expressed his disappointments that how could Mitt Romney feel so sorry if those are all part of his political agenda. This is where President Obama became so critical and aggressive as the course of debate goes through.
8. Iran Will Not Get a Nuclear Weapon – Obama
This is actually in connection on what he has denied when Governor Romney president figures of 10,000 centrifuges spinning uranium which the Governor feared would be used to threat not just America, but the entire world. Nonetheless, Mr. President denied it, and he just want to assure the citizens of the United States that he is not going to support the Nuclear Weapon of Iran. He even stressed the point from the very first time that he assumed the Presidency post that is in total opposition and he explained that Iran is indeed a risk to the overall security of the country which he has firmly focused on a couple of times. The President stood on his belief that he will not allow as long as he still heads and leads America. He even stated that Iran is one of the sources of terrorism acts in the world.
7. America Must Be Strong – Romney
Governor Romney answered the question presented by Mr. Schiffer when it comes to the role that America has in the world. He made a positive impact when he stated must take the lead and in order to do that it should possess strength in order to uphold the principles, and defend the freedom of the world. He further made an affirmation  about basic human rights that must be observed in order to achieve one goal of humanity which is peace. Hence, one of the things that he suggested in order to make America really a strong country that the world can depend upon is to stabilize the economic conditions of it. He then draws back the issues on growth of unemployment rate, the military, and terrorism.
6. You Made a Major Speech – Obama
This is in response in the issue of terrorism and a need of change in the Middle East. It was one of the points or loopholes that Governor Romney reiterated especially with what happened in Libya wherein four American died and one of them was the Ambassador of the United States. The Governor took the first part wherein he explained his plans and what could have been done if he were in that situation and made some critical comments against the President. Nonetheless, Obama and Romney had an exchange remarks especially when the latter said about the 5,000 troops that should have stayed on, although the President insisted that there are troops staying in Iraq, which Romney opposed until he uttered with disappointments, “You made a major speech.” 
5. Go after the Bad Guys – Romney
This line may actually sound that Governor Romney is playing simple superhero. However, these words of his were not means to an end. His vision was something different, something that the world is looking forward for. He shared that in order to bring balance and peace to both the Christian and the Muslim world; he proposed to exterminate the ones who are responsible for the terrorists’ movements. These are not the individuals who wield weapons of war in the field, but the ones who are not seen in the limelight; the actual leaders and minds behind the catastrophe and the chaos.

4. Keep the American People Safe – Obama
President Obama could not stress safety for the American people even more. He knew that one of his main tasks as US President is to make sure that every American on the planet is safe and secure. He raised his achievements to the crowd by mentioning the ending of war in Iraq and reestablishing ties with Afghanistan after the exchange of gunshots and principles. The incumbent president also stated of the stand with what happened in Libya mentioning that he has done his part in making sure that everything is under control – without resorting to impulsive violence and other untoward incidents that may start another war.

3. We Can’t Kill Our Way Out of This Mess – Romney
There are some problems that cannot be simply solved by cutting out or exterminating the dilemma. After all, the decaying of the leaves is not just ended by hacking the branches, without knowing that the problem lies hidden from the untrained eye, even by the roots. This is what Romney is trying to stress to President Obama. Killing is not the solution to everything. Peace cannot be obtained by shedding blood and taking into casualty, innocent lives that are caught between the crossfire. Extremism can end, according to him, by establishing ties and taking out in the picture, the very reason why wars exist in the first place – the idealism of evil minds.

2. America Remains as the One Indispensable Nation – Obama
No matter how it can be looked at, America is that one nation in the world that is as indispensable as other nations would hope it could be. Because of this, the country, along with its ruler, has the responsibility to make sure that it stands strong and firm despite of the many winds of change that make shake its course as the greatest superpower in the world. Whether it is affected by the financial, industrial, economical, or social issues known across the globe, its strength is relied upon by the other countries. This is why he focused on winning back against the recession by helping the automobile industry rise again from the ashes. He also stated the US will once again be known for innovation and developments that will cause the country to be globally competitive again.
1. You’ve been Wrong – Obama       
Looks like it was President Obama who had drawn the first blood of Governor Romney, when he mentioned that the Republican candidate was wrong on many counts. This was particularly blurted out at the time when Obama was specifying that most of Romney’s opinions when it comes to foreign policy had been wrong. When it comes to sending troops to Iraq when the war was over, concerns with weapons of mass destruction in the said nation, and even pushing through the nuclear treaties with Russia, Mitt Romney had been wrong on all accounts were his ideas do not complement with the concern of safety and security of the people of the United States of America.

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