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Top 10 Most Bizarre Cemeteries in the World

There are different celebrations and holidays across the world and most of them have significant impact in the history, and to individuals who have contributed something that have changed the pages of the past. Hence, aside from individual existence celebrations, there is a day or two days celebration to those people who have passed the mortality state. It is true that they are not forgotten especially by their families, relatives, and even friends. Nonetheless, we are being united as nations to remember them in this once a year holiday and event which runs in a day or few days that depends on religious beliefs, and traditions. Majority of Catholic believers or followers have been allotting days in order to be with their loved ones who have departed already by visiting their tombs in cemeteries and would stay there in hours or even an overnight. This is the time where they hallow it, which is the same reason why it is called Halloween, All Saints’ Day, and All Souls Day. It is popular in most of the Christian and western countries especially in the circle of Catholicism. This is the reason why it is called All Saints’ Day because the word saint refers to Christian. This is the day of great feast where people gathered together not at home, but in cemeteries, and there are post celebrations of it through Halloween parties which are one of the events where they could dress up in scary costumes and make-up. Nonetheless, the central part of it happens in cemeteries since it’s a day of remembrance to all people who have died already. To make this day worth remembering, let’s get down to the top 10 most bizarre cemeteries in the world.

10. Cimetiere des Chiens
10. Cimetiere des Chiens e1351245797131 Top 10 Most Bizarre Cemeteries in the World
It is also known as a public cemetery intended for pets specifically for domesticated animals like dogs and cats. It is true that there also other pet cemeteries in different parts of the world, but this one is the oldest, and it’s the only one that had an original concept that pets can have their own tombs. You could find it situated in Asnieres-sur-Seine in Paris, France. It was established in 1899 because of the law that was passed and implemented then that none of the citizens of France can dump the dead bodies of their pets anywhere especially in Seine River or even in garbage pits.
9. Cross Bones Graveyard
9. Cross Bones Graveyard e1351245782802 Top 10 Most Bizarre Cemeteries in the World
It becomes the final resting place for single women who died during the medieval time, and it became known then as the Single Women’s graveyard. Hence, these women are actually gigolos or hustlers who have sold their virtue in expense of financial gain. They are better known as prostitutes or Winchester Geese, and it’s located in Greater London, United Kingdom. Since these women were rejected to be buried in the traditional Christian burial because they are considered dirty. You could find colorful decorations at the entrance of the graveyard which are mixes of ribbons, pictures, flowers, and etc.
8. Le Mummie di Urbania

You could find this Church of the dead situated in Italy which was established in 1830. It is also known the house or cemetery for mummies. You would not feel comfortable visiting this place and creepy thoughts may run into your mind because of numbers of natural mummification that you would see inside. In fact, when you reach the altar you would automatically see the 18 bodies that were already mummified. Based on the history, this place was used primarily to assist those people to have a decent and convenient transportation of corpses especially to those loved ones who were not financially stable to bury them in cemeteries.
7. Old Jewish Cemetery
7. Old Jewish Cemetery e1351245762620 Top 10 Most Bizarre Cemeteries in the World
It is one of the precious yet weirdest cemeteries that you could see in Prague, Czech Republic which is literally an old Jewish Cemetery based in the history since it has been affirmed that it has been existing since 15th century back. The approximate dead that were buried here are about 200,000 and it became one of the memorials within the Jewish community in Prague. Aside from the opportunity of seeing this place you could also tour around upon admission and visit the synagogues and the Jewish Museum.
6. Okunoin Cemetery
6. Okunoin Cemetery e1351245750942 Top 10 Most Bizarre Cemeteries in the World
This is the largest cemetery found in Japan because you could find more than 200,000 tombstones here. You could find it situated on Mount Kaya which is near Osaka. This is not the typical and standard cemeteries that you could find in some places of the world since there is a strong connection and relevance of it to their temple. It is indeed a sacred graveyard in the mountain where you could find giant cups, spaceships, and other monuments which were built in memories of the employees who worked for Astronautical.
5. The Merry Cemetery
5. The Merry Cemetery e1351245738452 Top 10 Most Bizarre Cemeteries in the World
This cemetery is very inviting, and it’s not comparable with other cemeteries, where you feel lonesome, sadness, and creepiness since it’s the place of resting for our dead loved ones. The only difference is the happy welcome and cozy feeling that you would greet you from this Merry Cemetery which is found in Sapinta, Romania where you could find attractive and colorful designs of crosses instead of the traditional ones that makes anyone’s feel that it’s indeed the place of burial. It’s indeed a cheerful graveyard for the dead since you could find poems written in respect to the lives of those who are buried here. There are craftsmen that would greet any visitor a warm hello, and indeed, it’s a place where you could find happiness despite of the death of a loved one.
4. Mysterious Hanging Coffins
4. Mysterious Hanging Coffins e1351245726118 Top 10 Most Bizarre Cemeteries in the World
Hanging coffins is one of the common customs and traditions in most of the countries in the continent of Asia. Hence, the weirdest of them all is one found in China, wherein most of the coffins are made out of the wooden stakes and they are being laid on rocks, or placed in caves, and one of the oldest hanging coffins in China is the Wuyi Mountain Coffins which dated back over 3,750 years old. The typical way of burying our dead is under the ground, but this one you’ll see their coffins hanging.
3. Catacombe dei Cappuccini
3. Catacombe dei Cappuccini e1351245705497 Top 10 Most Bizarre Cemeteries in the World
In English translation it is called Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo which is located in Palermo, Italy, and it becomes one of the tourist attractions of the country. This is the place where you could see the high preservation of mummified bodies, and human skeletons. It’s established and maintained until now in order to help everyone see how the line between life and death is being opened. It is also called as a human library because of thousands of bodies that you can find in this place. There are divisions for mummified bodies for children, male, female, professors, monks, and priests. All of them are dressed in clothes under the period that they lived, and it’s ranked according to their social status in life. This is not just an ordinary cemetery, because it is also a museum where you could see dead people on display.
2. The Neptune Memorial Reef
2. The Neptune Memorial Reef e1351245693900 Top 10 Most Bizarre Cemeteries in the World
This is the very first burial place which is not found on air, and not even under the ground because it’s deep in the sea. According to history, it is an Atlantis City which is also a popular lost city that was developed for all sea and ocean lovers. This is being managed by the Neptune Society Cremation, wherein they offer cremation services to people where they could scatter or dispose the ashes of their loved ones here which is 40 feet below the Key Biscayne surface which is situated in Miami, Florida. It is indeed another option for a greener and freshest burial home for our departed loved ones.
1. Ancient Egyptian Burial Grounds
1. Ancient Egyptian Burial Grounds e1351245683608 Top 10 Most Bizarre Cemeteries in the World
This is the great yet mysterious Pyramid in Egypt which is being visited by thousands of travelers, and tourists from different parts of the world. In fact, it is one of the 7 wonders of the world which serves as a burial place for royal and important figures where you could find the body of Pharaoh Khufu. It is indeed ancient old, although there are approximations of its existence, but it is one of the priceless memoirs that Egypt preserves since it’s a reflection of their history.

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