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Top 10 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World

A familiar adage say’s that “dog is a man’s best friend” and it becomes a favorite cite to those bonafide dog lovers or ownersIn fact, according to the details recorded in the chronicle of human’s existence, during the 18th century, dogs were used as a defense and as a tool against enemies. Hence, there are various religious affinities and beliefs that this animal assumes, and it’s not just the top favorite pet that you could cuddle, and play with. In fact, there are different positions and credence when it comes to culture, family background, and preferences. Month of October just begins, and it’s the month where we could exalt the significant contributions of this animal as we mark the day of the Shelter Dog Month. Whether you are just starting to tend or grow a new breed of dog at home, you should never miss reading these top 10 biggest dog breeds in the world as one of the ways of being one on the one big celebration for dear dogs across the world. It does not matter if you’ve just adopted at one at home, or even you are trainer for years for dogs. These dogs on this list are not just literal comparison to Goliath, but they have peculiar characteristics that made them the biggest in the world.
10. Perro de Presa Canario
10. Perro de Presa Canario e1349250019747 Top 10 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World
This is a Spanish breed of dog which is also known as Canarian Catch Dog and its being grown for the purpose of growing livestock. It is also called as Presa Canario or Presa in short. Its life span is usually from 9 to 11 years and it’s available in black, brindle, fawn, red brindle, silver fawn and red brindle colors. Its height if it’s female is around 22 to 24 inches or equivalent to 56 to 61 cm, and for male 24 to 26 inches or 60-65 cm. It weighs 37.5 to 50 kg for female, and 49.9 to 59 kg for male. This type of dog is very strong willed yet calm and gentle, suspicious and dominant. It’s the same reason why it’s used as guard dogs because of its ability to protect property against invader or intruder.
9. Dogue de Bordeaux
9. Dogue de Bordeaux e1349250008144 Top 10 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World
This is a strong Mastiff French type of dog breed and the word dogue connotes mastiff because of its well-defined characteristics of stocky body, massive head, broad, and heavy. It is very powerful, and imposing and its life span is between 10 and 12 years. It is available in fawn, mahogany, and red colors. Its attributes are opposite to its distinct physical characteristics because it is companionable, even tempered, courageous, loyal, devoted, and vigilant. Its height is 23 to 30 inches, and weight is around 120-145 pounds which is equivalent to 54.4 to 65.5 kg. It does not require too much maintenance for this type of dog since it’s an average shredder.
8. Anatolian Shepherd
8. Anatolian Shepherd e1349249999612 Top 10 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World
It serves as guard against cheetahs, bears, jackals, and wolves since it has a thick neck, muscular, and has broad head. It’s pretty obvious why it’s called or named as Anatolian Shepherd since it originates in Anatolia, Turkey, which was later grown and breed in major parts of America. It can live up to 15 years, and you could find liver, white & biscuit, blue fawn, brindle, white, and red fawn colors. They are very smart, confident, bold, independent, steady, and proud. Its height usually measures 28 to 31 inches for female, and it weighs 40 to 55 kg for female and 50-65 kg for male.
7. Leonberger
7. Leonberger e1349249990393 Top 10 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World
This dog originates in Baden-Wurttenberg, Germany, and it’s named Leonberger because of its ability to mimic lion not just as to its own physical appearance, but even to its characteristics. It could only live up to 9 years, but just like lion, they are very fearless, companionable, adaptable, loving, loyal, and obedient. For female breed of this, it weighs 40.8 to 59 kg and 47.6 to 74.8 for male. Hence, it heights could reach up to 75 cm for female, and up to 80 cm for male. Moreover, it’s one of the oldest breeds living in Germany, and it has long and large haired breed, and it’s a watch dog since it could protect not just people, but even other dogs. It has a strong body, and black masks. Hence, training are needed for them to grow as clever, intelligent, and diligent dog. It’s popularly known as family companion and has a natural ability to be grouped as one of the therapy dogs, but one who would pick this kind of dog should expose it in early socialization in order to enhance or achieve its companionability temperament.
6. Newfoundland
6. Newfoundland e1349249979909 Top 10 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World
This is the 6th largest dog breed in the world because it can grow up to 74 cm or 29 inches for male, and up to 69cm or 27 inches for male. It weighs 60-70 kg for male and 45 to 55 kg for male. Its estimated life span is between 8 and 10 years and its trainable, gentle, and very sweet-tempered dog that it will be harder for its owner to let it go. It’s available in colors black, brown, black & white and grey. They are not considered as pet dogs since the very purpose of growing this kind of breed is to assist fishermen when working. Yes, they are working dogs for that reason and it actually originates in Canada and England. It save people on water since it has an innate abilities to swim along with its physical attributes for having muscular build, webbed feet, and thick double coat. Moreover, its neck and back are very strong and its legs are straight, parallel and well-muscled. It’s double coat is also water resistant and flat.
5. St. Bernard
5. St. Bernard e1349249962697 Top 10 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World
This is one of the favorite biggest dog breeds in the world. Despite of its physical stature, it’s very appealing because of its mild and friendly nature. It originates in Italy and Switzerland, but it has been brought and grown into a number of countries on earth. It is also known as Bernhardiner, Alphine Mastiff, and St. Bernhardshund. It’s also called simply as Saint which is commonly used for rescue and as a working dog. Its life expectancy is up to 10 years, and its available in various colors such as brindle, brownish-yellow, red & white, Reddish-brown splash, and reddish-brown mantle. It could grow up to 90 cm on male and 80 cm in height for female. It has similarities in some breeds listed on this list like the Newfoundland and the English Mastiff. This is very gentle, calm, watchful, and lively dog that’s why even kids will not be scared to touch or play with it.
4. Great Dane
4. Great Dane e1349249945561 Top 10 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World
It is a domestic dog that originates in Germany and Denmark. It is also known in some other names like German Mastiff, Deutsche Dogge, and Danische Dog. You may also simply call it as Dane and Gentle Giant as its other nicknames. This is not just one of the biggest dog breeds in the world, but also included as one of the tallest dog breeds since it could grow up to 81 cm for female, and 86 cm for male. It weighs 45-59 kg for female, and 54-90 kg for male. It is available in black, blue, brindle, fawn, harlequin, and mantle colors. It’s very confident, devoted, friendly, gentle, loving, and reserved. Its life span is between 6 and 12 years, and it’s the primary referred to as Apollo of all breeds and it can deal kindly to kids. It’s being grown according to history details in hunting wild boar and deer.
3. Irish Wolfhound
3. Irish Wolfhound e1349249929659 Top 10 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World
It is called Irish wolfhound because of its resemblance to wolf and it originates in Ireland and Belgium, where the word Irish is added before the word wolfhound. It is also known as Cú Faoil. It could live up to 8 years and you would be delighted to have it around your home because its very dignified, patient, generous, thoughtful, loyal, and sweet-tempered. It could grow up to 90 cm in height, and up to 69 kg in weight. In fact, it can actually reach up to 7 feet tall once hind legs are used when standing on the ground. In fact, it’s one of the oldest breed of dogs on this list since it has records traced back in Roman’s period around 391 A.D. They were utilized that time during wars, and for guarding herds. It’s known for its loyalty to its owners especially to family who takes care of them.
2. Neapolitan Mastiff
2. Neapolitan Mastiff e1349249921536 Top 10 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World
It is a very stubborn type of dog breed that originally found in Italy, which is also known as Italian Mastiff. It’s an ancient and strong dog which is being utilized as a guard and a defender that could protect properties, and people. It can grow up to 31 inches or 79 cm while weighs up 70 kg for male, and 74 cm long and 130 pounds for female. It’s a very homebody animal because its number one trait is protective, dominant, and obedient, which is the same reason why it is usually found at home, or any familiar people that they can be with. Hence, they are also fearless and trainable despite of the serious physical appearance that it actually possesses. It has a flat and wide head, hanging wrinkles, large nose, and folds found on its head. It’s not likable at first because of its intimidating look, but it is very loving, peaceful, and affectionate dog especially when it got used to the person who takes care of him or her.
1. English Mastiff
1. English Mastiff e1349249905656 Top 10 Biggest Dog Breeds in the World
This is an England origin that could live between 10 to 12 years, which is also known in some other names like Mastiff which was actually a descendant of Ancient Alaunt. You could have selections of brindle, Apricot, and fawn colors if you wish to grow one at home. It weighs up to 110kg for male, and could grow up to 30 inches in height. It is very powerful because of its muscular feature and its dignity and courage that it possesses. In fact, it is one of the favorite guard dogs in the world because of its unparalleled strength, and protective character. It’s very affectionate, calm, courageous, and good-natured. It has small v-shaped ears, scissors-bite teeth, black mask, heavy squared head, and a wide-based tail. It could socialize well if proper exposure from the owners will be made in order to overcome aloofness even to strangers. It is also one of the heaviest types of dog breeds on this list because it can weight over 200 pounds.  You could find that most of the dog breeds on this list are classified under Mastiff, but they have unique attributes that make each of them unique. 

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