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Top 10 Roles of Teachers

Today, October 05, 2012, everyone remembers and appreciates the sacrifices of all the teachers in the world. In fact, there are various programs and activities in order to reciprocate the role that they are filling in the millions and even billions of students whom they have touched in personal ways, or the other way around. Teaching is not just introduced in western countries, but in fact, if it will be traced back in canonical way, another named for a Teacher was Rabbi, and it was the same title given to Jesus Christ. Anciently, men had the responsibility in indoctrinating and imbuing skills to children especially to men who would be assuming leadership roles who were part of the wealthy race or clan. That was the process and pattern in inculcating wisdom and knowledge to the people. The methods of teaching might have been developed greatly these days especially with the utilization of technology during the learning process of this generation. Nonetheless, the valuable contributions of teachers have continued to impact their students because out of them great leaders are produced, and future leaders are honed. Despite that there are different local celebrations of Teachers’ Day,   all countries around the world are being unified in one cause and that is to give respect and admiration to the teachers of the world. There are more information and pieces of interesting trivia that you could draw upon from as you learn the top 10 roles of teachers. Teachers’ Day has begun on October 5, 1994 with the special recommendations given by the UNESCO and the International Labour Organization, and since then, it becomes a global observance although it’s not a declared holiday in the world.
10. Evaluators
 10. Evaluators e1349437797948 Top 10 Roles of Teachers
They are the one who assess the performance and learning of students. They are responsible to guide them in order to meet their needs. They make necessary adjustments in order to meet students’ concern. In fact, the changes in curriculum are actually dependent on the result of the observation that they are doing. This is the purpose of grading system, and it’s not to put down individuals’ learning, but to gauge, if specific teaching methods are effective or not. They coordinate it as they talk and report the matter to parents of their students. Their keen supervision is understood because of their research, and study. They don’t only teach to produce good people, but they supervise and watch their students for them to become what they ought to be.

9. Nurse/s
 9. Nurses e1349437785516 Top 10 Roles of Teachers
If students are not feeling well they would be the one to take care of them. They may not give the same medical or urgent remedy, but they alleviate the pain if there is any that their students feel. Hence, another significant meaning of the word nurse is they are the one who permanently attends to needs of their students especially that parents are not around when they are in school. They are in closed-supervisions to nourish them not literally, but they educate them with the knowledge that students need from basic skills until it becomes a part of them.

8. Councilors
 8. Councilors e1349437775200 Top 10 Roles of Teachers
When things are not going well with students and it affects the behavior and focus of students, they would be the one to listen to them. It does not mean that they are replacing the parents’ position in opening up their feelings, concerns, and any problems in life if there is any. Nonetheless, they are the one that create positive feelings to students when they don’t seem to comprehend some situations in their life. They extend advice if needed, but not really giving unsolicited counsel. They may not understand every going of their students, but they are trying to put their best foot forward, giving the best of wisdom that they can give whenever they are in school.

7. Learners
 7. Learners e1349437766171 Top 10 Roles of Teachers
The wrong notions of everyone that teachers know everything, and they can share information that students do not know, but in reality, along the process of preparing themselves, their lessons, and all the tools that they have before facing their students and teach them, is that they themselves are learning. In fact, majority of them affirmatively state that they also learn something new from their students during classroom discussions, and it’s something which is precious to them that cannot be read in textbooks nor written in their lesson memos. They are gaining experiences that will make them more equip as they face their students, and facilitate the learning process of their students.

6. Leaders
 6. Leaders e1349437755381 Top 10 Roles of Teachers
This is one of the hardest roles that they have to observe. In order for them to lead their students, they also need to show to them that they are also good followers, and not just merely followers. They exemplify it when they set good examples to them. This is a critical part for them because anything that they say and do will be used against them. It is true that no one is perfect in its own right, but they have to be perfect most of the times for them to teach effectively to their students. Moral authority is big word for them. It requires responsibility or accountability on their actions and choices. It’s not just inculcating facts, theories, and other arithmetic grasp to students, but how can they conform themselves to the standards that teachers should show. In order to develop new leaders of this generation, teachers would show the right way.

5. Mediators
 5. Mediators e1349437746901 Top 10 Roles of Teachers
Since there are various students in each room of the schools, expect different personalities, attitudes, and individualities. There would be conflicts, disagreements and petty quarrels among students. Nonetheless, they are not going to stand on a one-sided ground, but they act as mediators in order to advocate to both parties. They would listen in whatever students have to say to them, and they would act according based on their rightful judgment and discretion. They act as a righteous judge that holds the key to unify students, and to shun away misunderstandings that could have transpired to students that they are teaching.

4. Mentors
 4. Mentors e1349437737337 Top 10 Roles of Teachers
Majority of the good and effective leaders of nations in the world were all products of good teachers who have been devoted in teaching their class about academic stuff, and life. Aside from parents, they are the hone that develop and prepare students to make dreams, and fulfill them. From the struggling beginning of each student in learning how to read basic ABCs, do arithmetic, and of course to socialize with other students of their age, they are the one who are patient to them that they can learn them not quickly, but in proper pacing and time. This is not just limited to students, but especially those senior teachers also mentor other new teachers in being equipped with knowledge and skills before teaching students.

3. Friend
 3. Friend e1349437727426 Top 10 Roles of Teachers
Every student can rely to any teacher if they feel that they need someone that they can talk to. Setting aside the teacher-student relationships will make each student feel that someone cares for them, and this is the time that they can open-up. This is critical especially to students who are already in their adolescent stage who need more attention and guidance. All students could learn to trust them, and not to have fear in them. In fact, there are wonderful stories of successful people who have shared their motivation why they achieved the state that they are enjoying right now, and it’s all because of the encouragement and kind words that teachers give to them. You don’t know the impact that they have since they possess the moral authority to be friend with them, and listen to them.

2. Educators
 2. Educators e1349437718298 Top 10 Roles of Teachers
There are many ways where teachers become educators; it is being measured when they produce students who are fulfilled, and not just successful. Everyone can be successful, but being fulfilled in life is a challenge. They become educators when they find ways how to help their students realize their worth and potential by guiding them how they can achieve them. In fact, they even extend time in order to make plans for students’ needs, and how to tweak their lesson plans in order to suit it up on what is needed, and valuable to student’s progress. Moreover, when they understand and learn things before teaching it, they have greater success that it is planted in their minds and hearts because they personally learn them themselves. This is the reason why they are also called as learners. They also accept changes, and accept training or developments if needed in order to become the best teachers that they can be.

1. Second Parents
 1. Second Parents e1349437708438 Top 10 Roles of Teachers
While parents area away especially to kids who are still young and innocent, they are filling the role and time while kids are at school. It is true that they can never replace the parents of their students, but they can perform a critical in role in developing good habits, correcting behaviors, and to become good citizens of their nations. They also scold them if needed if they have done wrong or stray away from the rules that school set forth. Nonetheless, like any good parents, they also express their love and concerns to them by explaining to them that what they have done are wrong. Moreover, as parents they treat their students with much love, and kindness by being patient to them at all times.

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