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Top 10 Internet Made Millionaires

The internet has changed the way we do business. It has also made it possible for practically anyone with a good idea to make it rich. There are plenty of stories of people who started off with just their computer and within a relatively short time period had become millionaires. Hearing about this people is really inspiring because it encourages anyone who has a dream. Here then is the top 10 internet made millionaires.

10- Anshul Samar

Anshul Samar is not in the top 10 of internet millionaires because he is the 10th richest but because he managed to become rich so fast. He managed to generate a great deal of interest for his board game Elemento by his clever use of the internet. Most impressive of all was that he was only 13 at the time. He financed his startup with a $500 grant from California Association of the Gifted and used this money to develop his product. In less than a year of releasing his game he had not only made a million but he had also been featured in the New York Times. It is the fact that Anshul has proved to be such a successful businessman while still at school that makes him so impressive.

9- Jake Nickell

Jake Nickell has an estimated worth of 50 million dollars, and he made this selling cool clothing products online. His company is called Threadless. He and his co founder Jacob DeHart only had $1000 between them when they launched the company, but they judged their market well. The secret to their success was turning their customers into designers. Their online store has a real community feel and members of their community not only get to send in designs but also to vote on which ones deserve to be turned into t-shirts. The idea behind Threadless really is innovative but simple, and these are usually the ingredients of success.

8- Alexander Levin

His company Image Shake has made Alexander Levin 56 million dollars. He was co founder of this company in 2003 and he used a relatively simple idea for the business. He provides free image hosting and also has a subscription service – although most of his money comes from advertisements on the website. Alexander got the idea for this business while still at high school, and it did not take him long to turn it into a successful reality.

7- John Vechey

John Vechey has an estimated worth of about 60 million dollars. His game development company Pop Cap Games was created back in 2000. In the beginning there were only a handful of people involved but now the company employs over 150. Probably the best known game produced by Pop Cap Games would be Bejeweled – this clever puzzle type game seems to never go out of fashion.

6- Angelo Sotira

Angelo Sotira is evidence that the trick to becoming an internet millionaire is to find something that you love. His company DeviantArt is an online community that allows artists to showcase their work. Angelo launched the company back in 2000 and it now has a loyal following in the tens of millions. The success of DeviantArt has brought him an impressive 75 million dollars.

5- Andrew Michael

Web hosting is an industry where there is a great deal of competition with companies opening and closing all the time. Andrew Michael is evidence that it is possible to become rich by offering these types of services – his UK based company Fasthosts is proof of that. Andrew is believed to have made about 110 million dollars from his internet based business.

4- Blake Ross

Blake Ross is the co founder of Mozilla – better known to most of us for the web browser Firefox. He and his partner Joe Hewitt were not afraid to take on the big names in the online world, and they managed to find so much success by creating a web browser that people love. In recent years they have been leading the way in the industry with everyone else trying to catch up. Firefox has now become the most popular web browser around. The company has made Blake Ross an estimated 120 million dollars.

3- Chad Hurley

YouTube is one of the most popular websites around and it has made its co-founder Chad Hurley at least 300 million dollars so far. This video sharing website has blown the competition out of the water and most people around the world will at least be aware of it. YouTube has become so successful that many people will now watch it more than they do their TVs. The success of YouTube keeps growing so no doubt Chad Hurley will be earning even more money in the future.

2- Andrew Gower

Runescape is probably the most successful online game of all time and it shows no sign of going out of vogue. It has made British game designer Andrew Gower a cool 650 million. His company Jagex is actually an abbreviation of java gaming experts, and they have certainly proved themselves to be that. Even if Jagex never managed to create another successful game they will still be considered one of the most successful online gaming companies ever.

1- Mark Zuckerberg

It is going to be no real surprise that Mark Zuckerberg is number one in the top ten of internet made millionaires. He has been so successful that even Hollywood has made films about him. I’m sure that Mark no longer ever bothers to think about the amount of money he has in his bank – he is worth more than some small countries. Facebook has made him one of the richest men on the planet, and his fortunes just keep on getting better and better. He has managed to corner the market in social media and he has changed the way people behave online.

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