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Top 10 Pregnancy Problems

Having a child is such a gift for any parent especially to women because it’s a fruit of love and affection that parents have for each other. However, not all women are given the privilege of conceiving, and if they are given, some would meet complications, and worse it will not go through. I for one have been dreaming that I could also hold a baby of my own, and would experience the hardship, of conceiving and carrying it in my womb. Nonetheless, there is indeed a proper timing for all, and it may not come as the way you expect it, but if not, there are also other ways where we could help others who are looking and waiting for mothers’ care. To those who are already pregnant, and are not aware of these top 10 pregnancy problems, then you’ll have equip yourself with these information, and also ask advise from your attending OB who could guide you to have successful 9-month pregnancy period so you could hold your child, and show to him or her the world. Hence, before you reach that last period, you have to be conscious of these problems so you’ll avoid any risk associated during child-bearing.

10. Varicose Veins
10. Varicose Veins e1349939630105 Top 10 Pregnancy Problems
Varicose Veins is one of the common problems that most pregnant women complain about since it’s painful and noticeable. It looks like a swollen bulge blue or purple color on the skin surface which commonly seen on legs and vulva areas. You may feel discomfort because you would experience a throbbing or burning feeling, achy, and heavy, but more so if you are walking barefooted often. It’s the same reason why a woman is advised to wear any footwear even at home. It does not matter if you are pregnant or not although pregnant women are much susceptible in getting varicose veins because while the uterus is growing, there is a lot pressure being put into it that affects the large vein found on the right side of the body. This will result to an increase pressure as well to the leg veins that will or may result to varicose veins. It becomes progressive to women who have conceived already especially those who are carrying twins or multiples. It is counseled to all women to don’t stand for longer periods, walk regularly, elevate feet or legs, and try wearing special hose.
9. Headaches / Back Ache
9. Headaches or Back Ache e1349939620459 Top 10 Pregnancy Problems
Since the body undergoes hormonal changes, most of the women who are pregnant experience and complain migraines, frequent headaches, and even back ache. In fact, this increased if women are expose or suffering from stress. It’s the same reason why we need more time to relax, to laugh, and to maintain a comfy surrounding that will be better for her and the baby. On the other hand backache happens at the lower back and pelvis, and it’s normally experience by pregnant women during the first trimester period since the ligaments are stretching and become softer which causes strain at the back part. Don’t worry because after giving birth, you will not experience these kinds of discomfort.
8. Urine Infections
8. Urine Infections e1349939612180 Top 10 Pregnancy Problems
It is popularly known as Urinary Tract Infection or UTI, and it happens when there is a series or frequent urination which is being accompanied by burning sensation. One should know that infections in urine happens because of bacteria found in vagina, skin, and in rectum area. The problem when that bacterium travels it often stops in bladder that will result to inflammation. At times, you will not notice that you have UTI already because a kind of bacteria that has entered your body is asymptomatic bacteriuria. The negative effects of it are low-birth-weight-baby, fetal risk, and worst new-born mortality. There are three kinds of urine infections, the most common for pregnant women is Cystitis (bladder infection), and the other two are asymptomatic bacteriuria, and kidney infection. Of course, all pregnant women are advised to have regular urine checks to avoid further complications.
7. Indigestion
7. Indigestion e1349939602569 Top 10 Pregnancy Problems
Women who are pregnant are vulnerable to experience indigestion, and it happens while baby is growing especially when one arrives on its third trimester period, and they would also experience heart burn, bloating, nausea, vomiting, and regurgitation. It is also normal since baby is resting on stomach that causes force up to the esophagus that result to dysphasia or indigestion. One of the symptoms of it is chest pain or heartburn because of the increase of acid level. Other symptoms of it are throat burning that may result to reflux, and abdominal pain. An individual would normally experience it after drinking or eating, and indigestion happens more because hormone level increases that put pressure as well on the abdomen part of the body. Your midwife may advise or prescribe you an antacid that you may take, but you have to consult first before taking any medicines.
6. Constipation
6. Constipation e1349939593356 Top 10 Pregnancy Problems
You don’t have to worry if you feel that you frequently feel constipated, it’s normal since hormone releases increases that softens the muscle tissues in the intestines which cause lesser or slower movements of food. Hence, as baby grows inside, the womb itself becomes bigger which puts more pressure on the bowel which slows down the process even more. The only remedy for this is to eat high-fiber type of foods, drink sufficient amount of water, and of course do a regular exercises like brisk walking. Never try to buy over-the-counter medicines like laxatives. Those tips are the natural and safest ways that you can do in order to protect the baby and yourself.
5. Miscarriage
5. Miscarriage e1349939582105 Top 10 Pregnancy Problems
It is also known as spontaneous abortion that may create negative feeling to women who have experienced it themselves. It is pregnancy loss which normally happens on the 13th week of conceiving. Everyone must understand that the blame must not be place to women who were carrying the child. The first trimester periods are very critical, and people around should be there to assist and support the pregnancy period. There are different reasons and causes of miscarriage and one of the common reasons are the abnormal chromosomes like damaged found on sperm or egg cell. Other common causes of miscarriage are lifestyle, hormonal problems, and the wrong implantation of egg into uterine lining, maternal trauma, and maternal age. There are also other provoking situations that might trigger lost of baby like sex, and working too much that happens to working mothers. Some of the things that you have to observe if you are near miscarriage are weight loss, mild to severe back pain, white-pink mucus, red or brown bleeding, contractions, and tissue clots. Of course in order to avoid it, you have to visit your OB regularly for check-up, eat healthy, do regular exercises, avoid unhealthy lifestyles or habits like smoking, take vitamins, and keep yourself away from stress.
4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome e1349939572492 Top 10 Pregnancy Problems
If you are experiencing numbness and tingling sensations on your hands, it is because you have carpal tunnel syndrome. It is true that it also happens to those people who are not pregnant who are in the environment that they tend to move their hands often like those whose work are to use computers often like computer programmers, encoders, data processors, and so forth. In fact, you may feel the pain more at night where you would have dull ache on fingers, wrist, and specifically on hands. In fact, it could even be extended up to the upper and forearms. It strikes during the second half of pregnancy period since women tend to retain more fluid in the body although those tingling sensations will gradually go away only after giving birth. Try to identify the causes that may trigger Carpal Tunnel Syndrome like your work habit, the activities that you do, and your sleeping position. These things will contribute to the development or progress of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
3. Ectopic Pregnancy
3. Ectopic Pregnancy e1349939522725 Top 10 Pregnancy Problems
Not all women who are pregnant would experience this certain problem, but those who have reached the age 35 and over are prone to have an ectopic pregnancy. This kind of state explains that there is a slow movement of a fertilized egg inside fallopian tube travelling to the uterus. Some of the reasons of probability of having an ectopic pregnancy if one had experience it previously, if birth defect happened within the fallopian tubes, scarring because of the previous infections, and other complications that may trigger ectopic pregnancy. Nonetheless some of the symptoms that you have to observe are low back pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding, no periods, pain in pelvic area, mild cramps, and fainting. It is one of the life-threatening problems if woman is pregnant, so you have to make sure that fluids are given to them, and oxygen. In order to avoid this problem, again you have to stop smoking, and make an early check-up or diagnosis.
2. Bleeding Gums
2. Bleeding Gums e1349939513477 Top 10 Pregnancy Problems
It happens since there is an increased blood flow, wherein some pregnant women also suffer high blood pressure or becomes hypertensive. Make sure that you keep your gum healthy by regularly brushing your teeth, and brushing the gum line twice a day. Hence, if you feel the bleeding continues you have to consult your dentist or doctor.      Again you should not over react not until you have it checked by your doctor since its part of the pregnancy hormones that cause your gums to swell even more, inflame, and lastly bleed. These hormones make women’s mouth to become more susceptible to plaque and bacteria since gums become tender during this period. Some of the symptoms that you are near to experience this problem if your gums are very sore, bright red and it bleed easily whenever you brush your teeth. In order to treat it, you have to avoid eating sweets, take vitamin C and brush your tongue regularly.
1. Sleeping Problems
1. Sleeping Problems e1349939502993 Top 10 Pregnancy Problems
It is really difficult for women to get by on the symptoms and the kind of travails that they have to go through when they are pregnant, aside from unexplained morning sickness, they also have sleeping problems not just on the last 3 months of pregnancy period, but even during the first trimester periods. They can’t even figure out themselves what they want, what kind of sleeping positions they need to do at night, and other uncomfortable things that they are experiencing like leg cramps, anxiousness, and because of frequent urinations. Nonetheless, you can still have a good night sleep especially if your hubby is not around or anyone to help you out. Drink 8 glasses of water every day, take a light snack before midnight, have a warmth bath, and exercise regularly.

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